Welcome to IngramsProtect
Here at IngramsProtect we truly believe that for a growing business like yours, your employees are your biggest asset but in some situations, they can be your biggest headache.

With an ever increasing flow of legislation and regulations governing how you deal with employees and their rights, it can often be a minefield that takes up your time, provides additional stress and stops you from running your business.

Our job is to guide you on a path to safety through expert advice building your knowledge of the law and developing your ability to handle employment issues.

By being involved from the beginning with any employment issues and through free training and development workshops our aim is to prevent problems from occurring rather than deal with issues when it’s too late.

IngramsProtect enables you to:
  • feel more confident when making decisions about employees.
  • give practical solutions to employee problems.
  • minimise your exposure to legal claims.
  • receive practical and straightforward advice either on the phone or via email.
  • be insured, and therefore covered, for legal expenses should a claim be made against you.
  • login and view any ongoing cases that you may have.
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